Runs in your own existing server environment.

Does not look inside files, only metadata.

A single summary output file sent to NASessor.

256bit encryption used to ensure full protection.

Reciprocal Group

The group includes Reciprocal, LifecycleStor, eDave and NASessor, which together provide a perfect combination, delivering consultancy, solution design, implementation and on-going support services to address all our customers’ needs. We transform our clients’ environments providing exceptional services and support to achieve change. Strategically valuable to our customers, we have the ability to analyse the "as is" environment using our in-house assessment tools, allowing our customers to understand the optimal "to be" environment and enabling them to achieve the desired results.


Can be used against CIFS or NFS file systems.

Can scan up to 9.2EB (Exabytes) of data.

Multiple file systems can be scanned, either separately or grouped together to give consolidated statistics.

Clear Reporting

NASessor provides detailed information on the data stored in your file systems.

Helps you identify whether your storage platform is being used efficiently.

Provides analysis of the types of files, and how recently they have been accessed.

NASessor professional services can help you make better use of your storage, or recommend more suitable technologies.

Checks for up to 15million duplicate files, and assesses the capacity savings that could be made.

Cloud Storage

Once we have assessed your data and create a detailed report, we have a selection of trusted Cloud Gateway Vendors which can match your specific needs. Whether you have multiple global sites, the need for policy driven tiering, the need for remote office file server replacement or remote backup, we have the solution for you.




Understanding your storage just got a whole lot easier.

Do you know how much data you’re storing right now? Do you know how often it is being used?

NASessor shows you, with graphs and tables that let you see how much and what type of data is being stored (e.g. Office files, Videos, Music, etc.) as well as details of how often the data is being accessed – giving a precise breakdown of how much data is being accessed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or more. NASessor can also show you how much capacity is being used by files of different sizes – which can be essential if migrating to a storage system with differing protection overheads.

Multiple Charts

NASessor uses both pie charts and bar graphs to show you the types of data being stored, the number and size of files in different categories, together with graphs showing how much data has been created over the last twelve months and the top 10 file extensions; giving you a clear graphical view of your data.

Cost Effective

NASessor shows your data in a new light, allowing you to quickly identify how much data could be moved off your primary Tier 1 storage – thereby saving you money and making most efficient use of your primary storage.

Stored Safely

NASessor only scans the file metadata, and not the actual data itself. And since NASessor runs in a server inside your environment, you know that your data remains completely safe.

Getting Started

Run on any NAS

Can be used against CIFS or NFS file systems

No database needed

Windows Server (VMware, Hyper-V or Physical)
NFS Exports - Windows server 2008 R2 & Windows Client for NFS
CIFS – Windows Server/Desktop 2003/XP Minimum
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
NetBIOS Name of Host Server

Multiple environments

Can be installed on VMware, Hyper-V or any Windows server or PC with .Net framework installed

Deployable in minutes

Very simple to deploy, our technical team will talk you through the steps in minutes.


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